Travel Tips

Best time to visit: We recommend visiting Spiti Valley during the summer months of June, July and September. However, those who can brave the cold can consider visiting during the winters, for a sighting of snow leopard.

Route: There are two routes for Spiti – one via Manali and the other via Shimla.

Delhi – Manali – Kaza (Open only during the summer months): 

  • Overnight bus to Manali (can be booked online)
  • Stay the day at Manali. We love staying at The Tranquil Inn in Manali
  • Take a shared jeep to Kaza next morning at 7 am (you’ll reach Kaza by 4-5 pm). Shuttles have to be booked one day in advance and overnight journey is not possible. These can be booked at Kiran Guest House (Near SBI Manali; phone number: 9882155896

Delhi – Shimla – Kaza (Spiti):

  • Day bus to Shimla, stay overnight 
  • Take the local bus next morning to Reckong Peo / Pooh at 4 am
  • Reach Reckong Peo/ Pooh by evening, stay overnight
  • Take morning local bus to Kaza and reach by evening

Some tips:

Stay well-hydrated throughout the journey! We recommend carrying a small bottle of glucose/ ORS. Don’t drink too many fluids though, because there are no restrooms on the Manali-Kaza route. Carry a good quality water bottle and keep it with you at all times to avoid creating plastic waste. Also, Spiti is a desert region with huge water shortage, so use water judiciously. Consider taking a bath only on alternate days.

Carry good quality sunscreen and thick moisturizer to help you battle the sun and dryness. Carry layers of clothing including a light and a thick jacket and something to cover your head (like scarf, cap etc). Local people keep their bodies covered completely at all times, so if you want to blend in, avoid wearing shorts etc.

There are extremely limited food options on the Manali-Kaza route, so if you’re fussy about food, consider taking packed food along.

Once you arrive in Kaza, you should keep a couple of days to acclimatize.

Mountain economy works very differently so avoid bargaining with the locals.

Hotels can get completely booked during the summer season, so consider booking in advance. We recommend Hotel Deyzor for their brilliant food and excellent service! You can also buy local products at their store. We love Kalzang’s momo shop near Himalayan Cafe.

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