About Us

Creating access to books: Most of the children who attend government schools come from economically weaker sections of the society and have limited access to age-appropriate children’s literature. We are working on reviving the existing public libraries and at the same time setting up new libraries. The collection of books across existing libraries is carefully curated to ensure a diverse collection.

Creating a culture of reading: After setting up designated reading corners in government schools, students will be encouraged to cultivate reading habits. This encouragement would be provided through activities like read-alouds, storytelling, reading programs and so on.

Teachers: After identification of motivated and energetic teachers, we are training them so that they can take on the role of library educators.

Students: To provide a sense of ownership, children are being involved in overall operations and management of the library. This will develop social consciousness and leadership amongst students through their participation in the functioning of the library

We involve parents through regular sessions and other programs. These activities focus on the importance of reading in a child’s development so that they can encourage their children to read. Over a period of time, we work towards evolving libraries into an important place within the community for discussion, ideation and developing solutions for problems.

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