Our Books

How Do We Build Our Collection?

A LOT of research goes into the selection of books. Some of the questions that we ask ourselves as we do this:

  • Does this book currently exist in our collection? If yes, do we need more of these? If not, does this book plug a specific gap in our existing collection?
  • Is this book in the preferred language of our readers (Hindi/ English/ Tibetan)?
  • Have readers requested this book/ books on similar topics?
  • Are the contents of this book consistent with our approach and ideology?
  • Will the contents of this book help us in engaging library members in a healthy conversation?
  • Does this book contribute towards our efforts to create a diverse collection?

Our current collection includes books from the following publishers:

Indian: Tulika, Katha, Pratham, Ektara, Little Latitude, Tara Books, Speaking Tiger, Adidev Press

International: Usborne, Harper Collins, Penguin, Bloomsbury

How do we procure books?

Once the research is over, we build the book list for the year. We then reach out to different publishers, review their lists and place our orders with them. Most of the publishers give us deep discounts. We also procure books from indie bookstores across the country. Some of the bookstores that we procure books from are Koolskool (Gurgaon) and Chamapaca (Bangalore).

You can buy us a gift card at an indie bookstore and we can redeem them towards books for our library. Click here to buy us a giftcard.

Some books, along with stationery, toys etc are added to our Amazon Wishlist. Click here to send us things from our Amazon Wishlist.

Do we accept pre-loved books?

We are unable to accept pre-loved books at the moment.

How do we recommend books to children?

Some of the considerations that we into recommending books for the children are:

How old is the reader?

Which languages can they understand/ read in

Which books have they read previously? Which of those did they like?

Will they read the book independently, or will an adult read it out to them?

Which formats (picture book/ chapter book) do they currently like? Can we introduce them to other formats?

Which book will encourage them to think about themes that they may not have encountered previously?

Which life experiences are they currently going through?

Is there a genre that they’re currently not reading, but may be interested in?

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